Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feminism in India and TOI

The whole Times of India and Deepika Padukone episode just shows narrow mindedness of so called feminists.

There are two inequalities between men and women – social and physical. Physical inequality was created by nature and will remain forever. We should learn to respect it not disobey it. It is the social inequality we should fight against.

The justification that TOI gave for publishing a private photo of Deepika without her consent is the women equality vis-a-vis men. They asked 'If Shahrukh Khan baring his chest is okay for everyone, why should people object to Deepika's photo?'
This argument is as logical (or illogical) as saying 'If Deepika wears one, why should Shahrukh not wear a brassiere?'

TOI does not stand for feminism, it just diverts our attention from what real feminism stands for, just to get some cheap TRP and generate more profits.

Let us not worry about physical inequality. It is the social inequality for women that everyone and esp. these so called feminists should worry about and fight against. Trying to reduce the social inequality is the real feminism. 

These so called feminists like TOI should worry less about right of the women to wear less clothes and worry more about right of the women to have equal opportunities, respect, representation and remuneration in the society, home, politics and the work place.

What has TOI done _ever_ in this regard? My guess, nothing.